Your Little Learning Box

What’s in the box?

Exciting resources and activities to play and learn with your toddler. Examples of things we send in our boxes are: Books, playdough, washable markers, paints, sponges, instruments, paper resources, mark-making equipment, games, jigsaws, arts and crafts materials and much more for you to explore together! 



Resources to match the activities given, no mess or stress - everything that you need is included!

  • Books and writing materials
  • Arts and Craft materials.
  • Sticker charts and flashcards.
  • And much more!

    Help for Grown-ups


    An overview letter explaining all the boxes content, activities and learning opportunities.

    • Included in each box is an overview of the characters used to make learning fun.
    • An introductory letter explaining the activities given to you for the month ahead.
    • A taster of what you will receive in the next months box to prepare and excite your little one.

    Flash Cards


    Resources & activities to play and learn.

    • Every month a new vocabulary set for younger children.
    • Numbers and phonics introduced as your little one grows.
    • Display at home and use to aid recognition.



    A personalised sticker chart and matching Little Learning Box character stickers to encourage the fun and enjoyment of learning!

    Every Area Of Learning


    7 Learning cards, containing an overview of the activity or ideas and advice for grown-ups, for your toddlers current age range.

    • Step by step activities that are easy and fun to deliver.
    • Boxes are tailored to your toddlers specific developmental age.
    • Advice and handy tips to help grown-ups support learning at home.

    Each box is personalised with your child’s name.


    "We look forward to seeing ours every month. My daughter was so excited to receive this. Lots for us both to do together to keep her busy during this rainy summer." 
    - Cheryl

    "Great value for money. You get a lot in the box and it really helps us to understand what my little one should be learning at this age" 
    - Dave

    "Fantastic learning box for our daughter, covers a variety of topics using an array of methods. Highly recommended!" 
    - Ben