The 7 Areas of Learning

In each of our Little Learning Boxes, we provide activities and advice cards for grown-ups on each of the 7 areas of the Early Years Curriculum. Each area has its own character assigned to it, to make learning fun and rewarding!

Meet Our Characters


Walt the Wise Owl – one for the grown-ups

Walt the Wise Owl gives advice and helpful hints for the grown-ups. Walt talks through the Little Learning Box activities and gives other extra information and ideas to help your toddler develop through the different stages at home.


Communication & Language

Bounce & Bubbles the Birds
Communication and Language is all about helping young children to express themselves. They learn how to speak and listen in different situations and learn new words.


Physical Development

Racer the Racoon
We all know toddlers love to be active! This area of learning supports their physical development as well as their overall wellbeing, helping them to make healthy choices and understand the need to exercise.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Buddy the Badger
This area helps toddlers learn how to take turns, share and form early relationships. It also discusses how to manage their feelings and behaviour as well encourage them to grow in confidence and show respect for others.



Doodles the Deer
In this area young children are encouraged to enjoy reading and start linking letters and sounds together in preparation for reading and writing. Toddlers will begin to make marks, and this supports their early writing development.



Bingo the Bear
In maths toddlers begin to understand the early concepts of number, including counting, measuring, simple addition and subtraction and shapes.


Understanding the World

Hurricane the Hedgehog
This involves toddlers making sense of things by exploring and observing everything from the places they visit to technology they use! We want to stimulate their curious brains!


Expressive Arts & Designs

Rainbow the Rabbit
Activities like drawing, painting, instruments or using technology all give toddlers the chance to express themselves and learn new things. This area also supports their imagination and storytelling. 



Flash the Fox
Flash is always very busy creating and sending out flashcards to help develop your toddlers vocabulary, letter and number recognition.