Importance Of Reading – Once Upon A Time …

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Importance Of Reading – Once Upon A Time …
“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” Emilie Buchwald.

It is without doubt that you will have heard in some which way, the importance of reading to babies and toddlers. The benefits are incredibly huge, from the amount of vocabulary your little one will absorb, to their concentration skills improving, speech and language skills will thrive as well as a bonding experience between grown-ups and toddlers, the list really is endless. So, without further promotion of reading, here are some practical tips to make ‘story time’ a fun and pleasurable experience.

Once a day, is a great starting point! Trying to choose a specific time can help to make it a routine, before naptime, bedtime etc (but if this isn’t your style then once a day at some point works just as well!)

Your little one is gaining independence so allow them to choose from a selection of stories (the selection can be one or two or a whole box!)

If your toddler wants the same story again (and again and again) for weeks that is ok! They will be internalising the pattern of story and you can just go with it.

Make reading fun! Talk about the pictures, point to things of interest. Ask questions to allow them to discuss the story.

Encourage them to join in, especially on repeated phrases. Swap and let your little one ‘read’ to you.

If your toddler struggles to sit still that is ok. Read to them whilst they are interested and then come back to the story another time. Or continue to read even if they are pottering around.

Create a cosy space or a book basket and leave some books (particularly ones that are read often) out for your toddler to explore independently. You may spot them ‘reading’ to themselves and their teddies.

Use props, or the outdoors to help retell stories. Puppets and other story telling aids are a great way to make it exciting, especially if your little one is active.

If you want further ideas, our Little Learning subscription boxes and one-off boxes ALL include a book and a reading activity (because if you haven’t gathered already, we love reading!). It might only be a short activity in your day, but the benefits are long lasting so see if you can take on a little reading challenge in your home by introducing a story a day. If your little one has older siblings or family and friends, encourage they take a roll in reading with your toddler too. The more readers the merrier!

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