About Us – Thinking Outside The Box …

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About Us – Thinking Outside The Box …
Hi, I am Katie the founder of Little Learning Box and I wanted to say a big hello to all the Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Family Friends, Neighbours, Dogs, Cats… (you get the jist). The one thing we all have in common is the amazing little people we have in our lives and the reason you are probably on this website right now.

A bit about me, I am an experienced Primary School teacher and I am dedicated and passionate about helping children and their parents learn. I have two beautiful toddlers, a little girl aged 3 and a baby boy aged 1 and now have chosen to stay at home and embrace the chaos and love and all the feelings in-between with them.

Once you are handed your little bundle of joy and the journey of parenting begins, it can be extremely overwhelming to try and prepare your baby, toddler and then child for the life that lays ahead of them. Health visitors and professionals will spontaneously ‘check’ your little one’s development and this can be an exciting and pride filling moment for many, but it can also be daunting and overwhelming when faced with a checklist. I remember wondering if my baby was able to do some of the tasks asked and honestly, some had never crossed my mind until I read the questionnaire. At her 6 month check I read, “Does your baby pick up a small toy, holding it in the centre of her hand with her fingers around it?” I remember having to check and had certainly not been encouraging this or even looking out for it! #badmum.

Around a similar time, I began meeting with other parents and found that there were other parents feeling the same guilt-ridden feelings (guilt seems par for the parenting course) of not knowing specifically what their little one should or could be trying to do.

Pre- children, when I was a reception teacher (and functioned on much more sleep), I found that children who entered the gates on their first day had such a vast range of learning experiences. Some had a very solid foundation of learning behind them and others not so much. I often felt this was because parents are given limited knowledge of things they could be doing at home to help their little ones thrive educationally and every single parent wants to do the best they can for their child but if you don’t know what is expected how can you measure and prepare them?

So, Little Learning Box was born.

From my expertise in the Early Years Foundation Stage (0-5years) I have created a subscription style learning experience in boxes! The boxes start from your toddler turning two and run until they begin Reception aged 4. Inside these boxes of fun, they are filled with learning opportunities, tailored to the age of the child. Inside are easy to understand, snippets from the curriculum, to make sure that your little one is being encouraged to develop the things they need to at their age. Of course, toddlers learn best through play so this is the focus of our box style.

Every single little person is unique. In their talents, interests and learning styles. So, at Little Learning Box, we cater for everyone by giving the skills to the grown-ups to help their toddlers, activities and resources. The boxes are delivered to your little ones home, a safe place to play and where they enjoy spending time with those who love and care for them.

For more information on what our boxes contain please look on our website and social media pages. By creating the boxes, I really hope to inspire and help parents, and other grown-ups to create fun and exciting learning opportunities so that when your little ones are ready to start school, they already have a great educational foundation to build upon (and your child’s teacher will also be very pleased!)

I will continue to update the blog with more posts to help parents and grown-ups have fun with learning and we can all learn together. Thank you for reading and welcome to the Little Learning Box family!

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